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Our team of rail experts and project professionals carry out a wide variety of tasks to meet our clients specific needs including:

  • Tendering support
  • Technical rail support including chartered rail engineers with the institute of engineers
  • Track engineers
  • Railway consultants and bespoke rail consulting services
  • Construction resources
  • Turnout Installation & Site Verification
  • Lifts & Lift Studies
  • Defect Identification
  • Project management
  • Project development
  • Business cases
  • Funding approval
  • Early engagement works
  • Scoping
  • Rail operations specialists
  • Independent 3rd party company assessments
  • Logistics studies
  • Rollingstock professionals
  • Design reviews
  • Independent certification of designs and construction
  • Rail incident investigations
  • Alcams (level crossing assessment)
  • University Research

Project Management

Here at GM Rail we can manage all your interfaces with precision. Large scale construction projects are where GM Rail made a name for itself, ensuring the construction of high quality work for a range of clients and contractors. We can manage a wide range of civil and other engineering discipline works.

University Research

GM Rail has undertaken a range of work with Australian universities. GM Rail has participated in sleeper studies at the University of Wollongong and continues to work with University of Tasmania lecturing for the Diploma of Engineering Infrastructure (Rail).

Turnout Installation

GM Rail personnel have worked with a range of contractors to ensure the successful install of turnouts across the country with a range of methods. We can also manage the installation of signalling. Site verification of turnout construction quality is the foundation of the GM Rail brand.

Defect Identification

GM Rail personnel have a long and proud history of being engaged when railways are struggling to determine what is going wrong. Our experience and expertise in rail allows us to diagnose the cause of faults and determine actions to repair and prevent future defects. We pride ourselves in coming up with clever, innovative and economical solutions to rectify a wide variety of defects.